Expansora QUATRO incl. Pull-Off Unit

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Pneumatic four-pronged device incl. Positioning Unit

Table Top Unit incl. advanced Function

The tool EXPANSORA QUATRO incl. Pull-off unit is designed for large, heavy grommets. ( Fire-wall-grommet, Car body grommet ) In the standard size of the tool the degree of expansion is up to 100 x 100 mm. Larger expansions are possible.
Motiv: four-pronged device
The grommet will slided on the prong set manually.
Motiv: infinitely variable
The grommet will be expanded carefully by activation of the tool. The speed and size of the widening is infinitely variable.
Motiv: wire harness
The wire harness incl. connector housing will pushed through the widened opening. For this can be integrated sensory or mechanical units at the tool.
Motiv: Pull-Off Unit
The grommet will be assembled reliably by activation of the Pull-Off Unit.
Motiv: Time-controlled
The assembled parts can be removed. Time-controlled the tool moves back in basic position.

Expansora COVER / Schutzhaube

Motiv: Expansora QUATRO
The activation of the tool is done automatically after closing the cover. The operation with the cover-function is similar to the standard tool Expansora QUATRO inkl. Pull-Off Unit.
Motiv: Pneumatic four-pronged device