LEAD TWIST Wire Twisting System

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LEAD TWIST Verdrillvorrichtung / Wire Twisting System

... for twisting of individual wires.

The tool consists of the drive unit with the twisting head and a compensation element. The activation of the LEAD TWIST is done via a button.
Motiv: LEAD TWIST Cover
The LEAD TWIST Cover triggers the process of twisting by moving the cover. As an option, all device versions can be activated by means of a foot switch.
Motiv: Touch Screen
The integrated touch screen allows easy communication with the system:
Motiv: Arbeitsspeicher
All twisters LEAD TWIST have a generous memory. Up to 999 different production targets can be programed and stored.

Rounds Forward / Rewind
The number of turns, forward as well as rewind, is freely to choose. To relax the material, it is necessary to use the rewind movement. Choose a value to „0“ means the motor unit is turning only left or right. This may be necessary for "untwisting" of cable ends.

Speed / RPM
The speed of the motor unit is freely to define.

The start- and stop-ramp can be changed. This variable is used in combination with he speed setting for optimum torque interpretation. That is a big advantage for best quality of the twisted wire harnesses.

 Motiv: Length Compensating Element Double LCE2
The Length Compensating Element Double LCE2 have a double spring system. This innovation realize a precise pitch length without pitch failures. The uniform counter pressure supports the twisting very evenly. A good dynamic twist of more than two wires is possible. The single wire cross-section can be between 0,25 - 2,50 sqmm. Harnesses up to 15 m can be processed.