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Mobile test module (Hand Adapter)

Motiv: Mobile test module
For inspections of and on complex assemblies, easy-to-use hand adapters are required.
Motiv: Test System
These then establish the connection between the module to be tested and the test system. They are used directly in the production line.

For the adaption of complex test assemblies it could be very helpful to use mobile test adapters. These units provide the connection between the test object and the test system. They could be used directly in the production line. Test adapters provide a safe and wear-free connection. Connectors and sensitive contacts are not getting damaged during the adaptation. The electrical connection will be done with spring-loaded, screw pins. Their different head shapes are designed for all known plug contacts. The connector is inside of the test adapter locked by a hand locker. It is also possible to lock the connector with ball plungers or pneumatic locking devices. Applications for portable adapters can be found for example in motor units, cockpit, car doors and other complex parts of the vehicle.

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